Happy (almost) Halloween!

"Skull and Bones" candle from Primal Elements

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – it’s an excuse to dress up in fantastic getups and wear all the crazy makeup I’ve accumulated (extreme false lashes, electric blue eyeliner, and glitter galore – yes please!!). However, I’ve never quite gotten into decorating my apartment. The extent of my Halloween decor is this candle I bought awhile ago, because frankly, I love a good rhinestone skull-and-crossbone combo. But beyond the chic exterior, this candle smells AMAZING. As my fiancé can attest to, I have an obsession with anything vanilla-scented, and this candle wafts an addictive fresh vanilla mixed with I’m-not-sure-what-but-it’s-fabulous scent throughout our apartment. So skip the “tricks” and “treat” yourself to this one. Have a great weekend everyone!

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One Response to Happy (almost) Halloween!

  1. Julie says:

    Love the write-up!

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