I see London…

I have been watching TLC’s What Not To Wear for years now, and love Stacy London and her no-holds-barred fashion advice. So imagine my excitement when I heard she would be at the local Westfield SF mall on a style tour promoting her new partnership with Westfield malls?!

Stacy London with former first lady of San Francisco Jennifer Siebel Newsom (left) and designer Julie Chaiken (center)

She of course gave great fashion insight and looked perfectly polished (adored her green cropped pants and black top from H&M), but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the crazy, bright, and amazingly fabulous collar necklace she had on – I MUST have it. I searched online as soon as I got home and discovered it was a hand-painted crystal necklace by Tom Binns – and unfortunately way out of my price range. As luck would have it, one of my favorite bloggers did a DIY tutorial on how to re-create Binns’ hand-painted style soon after I saw the necklace, which I of course tried and will share with you tomorrow!

"Hand Painted Crystal Massai necklace" by Tom Binns

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