Lust-worthy: On Display

{“Vintage Books Boxed Set, Fashion” from Anthropologie}

I have always liked the idea of having an assortment of gorgeous fashion books artfully splayed across my coffee table. However, this chic collection of vintage fashion books housed in a custom-made birch bookshelf is an art piece in itself, screaming to be the center of attention on the mantle of a fireplace or a hallway console table. Not to mention the books themselves are fabulous and an essential for any discerning fashionista. Anthropologie also has three other sets available: Society, Cooking, and Drinks (the four of them set up side-by-side together could make a really graphic display). At $2,000 for the fashion set, I don’t think I’ll be making the purchase any time soon – but a girl can dream, right? Or find a friend that’s handy with a saw and make their own…hmm, DIY anyone?!

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One Response to Lust-worthy: On Display

  1. julie1872 says:

    maybe on your Xmas gift list from your dad?

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