New styling work: Marin magazine

I recently had the pleasure of styling the Fall cover and fashion spread for the September 2011 issue of Marin magazine. I chose the theme “The New Femme Fatale” after following the Fall 2011 runway shows and seeing the following trends:

• Red was everywhere – from pops of color throughout the collection to the final look in the form of a dramatic red gown
• Sleek and modern, black and white – the Elie Saab and Michael Kors shows were both great examples of this with clean silhouettes accented by edgy details and hints of leather

The combination of these trends said “femme fatale” to me – the seductive and mysterious film noir leading woman brought into modern-day. See all of the clothing details here, plus some behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot!

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3 Responses to New styling work: Marin magazine

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    Nice job!!! What a wonderful job and it shows that you enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Loving the red, white and black theme! Jen xoxo

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