Versace for H&M: Weekend Update

{The line for Versace outside the H&M store on Powell Street, San Francisco}

As could have been expected, I heard the Versace for H&M collection sold out within hours at most stores. I walked by the H&M store at Powell Street (San Francisco) on Friday afternoon out of morbid curiosity to see whether a line had formed yet, and of course, by approximately 3:30 pm there were already about 20 people in line.

I briefly contemplated joining the line (as I would be sure to get in at that point still), but once the cold rain started in the late afternoon any fantasies of owning the Versace bracelet I previously blogged about (here) were outweighed by my desire to be curled up on my comfy couch in a warm blanket sipping hot cocoa. Besides, I told myself, I’m not sure if any designer is worth braving the streets of SF at night. But ask me that question again if Balenciaga does a purse collaboration for H&M or Target – you just might find me at the front of that line.

*For an entertaining first-hand account of the Versace for H&M shopping experience, check out this site.

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