Hidden Height

I always like a good wedge heel. Even though I’m fairly tall (5’9″ to be exact), most of my extra height seems to come from my torso rather than my legs (and finding tops that are long enough is a whole other story). Therefore, I always feel like my legs need a little boost to keep me looking proportional.

I stumbled upon the shoe brand 80%20 several years ago and have been hooked ever since. The ingenious part of most of the shoes is that they have a hidden wedge in the shoe. That’s right, you get 3″ in added height (and legs that look 3″ longer), but look like you’re wearing a normal boot or sandal. Better yet, they are super comfortable – believe me, I’ve walked miles all over the hills of SF in my 80%20 booties – no need for a foot massage afterwards (but one would be nice anyways…hint hint fiancé). They’ve currently  partnered with Chictopia to offer 12 days of Chic – 12 days of select products from their Fall 2011 line at 30-40% off! It kicked off yesterday, and currently the Wade Taupe Hidden Wedge boots are featured (originally $129, on special for $84).

*UPDATE: 80%20 is offering 50% off many of their fall styles NOW thru Friday (12/2) on their website! Click here to shop!

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