Creative Candelabras

{From left to right: CB2, MoMA store, Wisteria, Z Gallerie}

Lately I have been obsessing over candelabras. Something about them is very gothically-romantic, yet practical at the same time. I have a formal dining room table that is screaming for some sort of fantastic centerpiece, and I really thing a great candelabra could finish the look. Here are four options that I’ve found and love – help me choose!

CB2Labra Holds 3 ($19.95)
A delicate clear glass candelabra that holds three standard taper candles. I like the simplicity (and the price), and could imagine maybe two of these grouped together with smaller clear glass votives around them. The clean design allows for some fun with the candles – maybe a black and white striped candle or silver for a festive holiday touch.

MoMA StoreGhost Candelabra ($65; $58.50 for members)
Intersecting lucite panels with routed lines form a modern take on a 19th century candelabra. Glass cup inserts hold four standard taper candles. Defninitely a conversation starter – wait, is that etched into panels or an actual candelabra?!

WisteriaHercule Poirot Wine Bottle Candleholder ($34)
This hand-forged iron candelabra is made complete by inserting into the opening of any empty wine bottle. I love the idea of being able to put a pretty wine bottle to use long after it’s empty, and the ability to change the bottle allows for a varity in table decor. It has the same idea of memory preservation as the wine cork necklace I talked about here.

Z GallerieIthaca Candelabra ($59.95)
Oh how I love this store! I like the modern yet rustic take on the candelabra – anything gilded in silver looks infinitely more chic. The asymmetry of the antlers and candleholder placement adds a nice variation in height.

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2 Responses to Creative Candelabras

  1. julie1872 says:

    I vote for the Ghost MOMA candelabra! they are unique .

  2. Sonja says:

    I like the Wisteria and the Z Gallerie one!

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