Designing Housewives: Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan

It seems like at any given time one of Bravo’s housewives is releasing a single, writing a book, or launching some sort of clothing/accessory line. RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) is no exception, with the recent launch of Adrienne Maloof’s shoe line. She is clearly a successful businesswoman, but does just possessing a love of shoes grant someone the right to consider themself a designer? In her case, I think she’s going about it the right way, teaming up with an already established shoe line (Charles Jourdan) where those designers can do most of the design work and help make it a success. Most of the shoes aren’t really my style (I usually like edgier looking shoes with chunkier heels), but I definitely think they are a good fit for Beverly Hills. I actually do love the Yvanna Pump (shown below), but of course it’s the most expensive shoe from the line (sigh, I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life). Some of my favorites are below, and you can check out the full line here. What do you think?

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