H&M: Dragon Tatoo collection

I feel like I’m writing about a new H&M collaboration every week (see past posts here, here, and here). And here they are, at it again. Debuting today is the “Dragon Tatoo” collection by Trish Somerville and H&M, inspired by Lisbeth Salander and the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” (which comes out December 21st). This collection is much less anticipated and hyped than the last two collaborations, which could mean:
1. The collection might not be all that great
2. No lines today – who wants to camp outside the store in the middle of December?
3. I might actually be able to get something from the collection this time…if I wanted to.

I am not knocking the clothing, but some of the items seem to be a bit too grungy for my taste. If I really wanted a ripped shirt or sweater, I could easily do that myself – no need to go spend $20 on it. However, I do really like some of the jackets and leggings (see below). See the collection in its entirety here.

{Leggings $25, Leather Jacket $199, Coat $65}

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4 Responses to H&M: Dragon Tatoo collection

  1. Jill says:

    So out of character for H&M but I love it!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  2. intomind says:

    i actually really wanted something from this collection but it’s all sold out where i live

    • Wow it’s sold out? Maybe there will be some returns after Christmas…I just went into H&M a week ago and there was a ton of Versace now after being sold out for so long (I think people snatch everything up and then return it after the excitement wears off). Hope you are able to get something!

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