Style Q&A: NYE outfits

Q: Can you recommend a great New Year’s outfit that wont break the bank?

A: First, I recommend shopping your own closet! What basics do you have that could already work toward an outfit? Then add one shiny, glittery, fabulous piece (could be a shirt, shoes, necklace, clutch etc) that makes it special for NYE. This way you’ll only be buying one new item, or you may realize you already have something that could work – sometimes it’s just putting pieces together in a new way. Here are some outfits I’ve come up with to create a NYE outfit that’s perfectly blingy and wallet-friendly. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even pair two of the sparkly pieces together (the gold blazer and black sequin shorts for instance). Cheers!

From top to bottom:
Old Navy Women’s Floral Sequin Tanks $29
J.Crew Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt $148
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Sequin Blazer $60
Express Sequin Shorts $60
Nine West Cordy $99
American Apparel Shiny Legging $46

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