Reality Bites: It’s a Brad, Brad (Bad?) World

So, I’m facing a little dilemma here…to watch, or not to watch? I’m talking about Bravo’s newest reality show, “It’s a Brad, Brad World” starring Rachel Zoe’s former styling assistant Brad Goreski. Normally, as a stylist, I feel it’s very helpful and fun to watch other stylists in action (and why I could always claim I was watching “The Rachel Zoe Project” for work – wink wink). But as a devoted Rachel Zoe fan, I’m not sure how I feel about watching Brad’s show.

For those that aren’t in the loop, Rachel said that Brad had left her company on the false pretense of having a “normal” life away from the cameras, and instead has been madly working on gaining fame (and possibly some of her clients). However, Brad has a different side of the story, claiming he gave her ample notice of his departure and expressed his desire to break out on his own. Only they know the actual story, but in the end Rachel is the one that skyrocketed Brad to reality show fame.

I obviously had to watch his show (for work, of course), and these are my musings on the first episode:

  • He works out of his garage?? Maybe he’s not doing as well on his own as I thought!
  • I think he needs another person to play off on the show besides his bf. He said he’s looking for an assistant, so maybe once he finds one that will give the show more characters to explore.
  • It’s great to see a happy same-sex couple that’s been together for 10 years, but their dynamic sometimes seems off. Hey, if it works for them, who am I to judge, but it just makes for some awkward tv pauses.
  • They also talk and sound alike which kind of gets annoying (if you’ve been watching, especially when they were word associating – I think it went into their own language at one point and lost me for a second there).
  • Styling – he has a great advantage in styling male clients since he’s so immersed in men’s fashion based on his own interests (I know from experience – styling male clients is harder than you would think). However, he needs to branch out of his own “style” of bow ties and thick-rimmed glasses and try some different, edgier looks on both himself and clients (I think a good-quality tailored leather jacket would look very chic on him). He tends to go “costumey,” but I think simple and chic could be where it’s at to reinvent himself.
  • He did a great job pulling some fab couture for Keri Hilson (below) for the Met Ball, showing he definitely has promise in solo-styling the celebs. I’m interested to see what future episodes bring!

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4 Responses to Reality Bites: It’s a Brad, Brad (Bad?) World

  1. AmyH says:

    I’m totally having the same dilemma! I love RZ and therefore I haven’t watched Brad’s show. However I am guessing that some Sunday when Too Cute! Sloths isn’t on I probably will break down and watch it 🙂

    • I know I’m torn, but decided to watch anyways…I’ll make my judgement whether to keep watching after another episode or two. Yeah, definitely don’t watch this over Too Cute! Baby Sloths 😉

  2. Dale says:

    Just saw your blog on Amy’s FB actually….I think you’re so right. I actually tuned in Monday and he’s a little irritating and does need to branch out of his own “costumy” style. If anything, it made styling look not so glamorous when he talked about how on slow days he walks back and forth to the fridge waiting for a call from his agent. He must have something better to do like renovating his garage or something..hehe. NICE blog!


    • haha I know, I thought it was a bit odd when he was just waiting around for his agent to do something…I’d be out hustling! 😉 Just checked out your blog and LOVE it!! So fun to find other SF stylists, and another from Ukiah at that!

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