Say “I do” to the Bridal Fair

I attended my first of many bridal fairs this past weekend. Overall, it was a lot more fun that I thought it would be, and I even won something so can’t beat that! It was still kind of cheesy, but as soon as you accept that it becomes part of the fun – “sure, I’ll clap along to the music during the fashion show,” and “why not take pics in one of the photo booths with a veil on?!”

If you are getting married soon I recommend going to at least one bridal fair/show/event – they’re a great source of information, and the free goodies and prizes are always a nice bonus. Even if you already have your vendors booked, you can get more ideas for decor and lots of tips from the exhibitors there – after all, they are experts in the subject.

In anticipation for the Fall 2012 weddings, right now is prime time for these shows. I found a list of Northern California wedding events here, and you should be able to locate a similar list in your area with a quick web search. Also, many of the fairs will offer discounted tickets or other deals on their Facebook page or twitter feed, so it’s worth it to “like” or follow them.

I didn’t have my camera with me for the fair I just attended, but I definitely plan on bringing it with me for future ones and will be sure to share those. In the meantime, here are some great inspirational wedding images I’ve stumbled upon recently:

{vine-covered arbor with vintage chandeliers, source: pinterest}

{DIY mason jar candle holders, source: Emmaline Bride}

{pose idea for engagement photos, source:}

{DIY cork letters for decoration, source: April Foster Events}

{another pose idea, source: Beyond beyond}

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