Distorted reality: Bachelor Recap

I’ll admit it, I faithfully watch The Bachelor every Monday night with glass of wine in hand and good friends on the couch to laugh with at all of the craziness and scandal. If liking this show is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

However, I was doubtful that it would be a “good” season this time around when they announced Ben Flajnik as the next bachelor. Don’t get me wrong – I think he seems like a nice guy, albeit a little quirky, but winemakers are never bad in my book. It’s almost that he’s too reserved and “normal” to make you want to come back and watch him each week (though I thought the same thing of Jake on his season). So, the producers obviously saw that could be a problem and decided to dump a bunch of crazies in the house to liven things up. I mean, wow, you’ve got: an overemotional, paranoid blogger that won’t stop crying, a possibly bisexual/lesbian that pays more attention to the girls than Ben, a self-absorbed model that in previews only seems to get worse, and an over-confident “cougar” that dresses inappropriately and upsets all of the girls in the Episode 2 group date. You kind of have to feel sorry for him (almost – then you realize the great publicity he’s getting for his winery and the possible endorsements after the show and then it’s hard to sympathize).

By now I’ve figured out that the producers likely make him keep certain people on for ratings and excitement (ie – keeping Jenna past the first episode). Here are some other observations from Episode 2:

  • Love Kacie B. (prob my fav at the moment). But do you really think she just happened upon that baton in the toy store (which I’m also doubting is usually open that late). If you look closely at it, the baton seemed old-looking with some sort of grip tape around the middle. I’m guessing it was planted there by producers and they told her to pick it up.
  • Also on Kacie B.’s date – the producers like to create “emotional moments” on dates to help bond people. Watching footage of his late father made Ben open up emotionally to Kacie, which creates a deeper bond (important on a show where they have to make love happen in mere weeks). I think the producers like them as a couple and are trying to choreograph their love story.
  • I can’t even begin to discuss the group date – a children’s play?? And I don’t think a sheep that strips down to his skivvies is necessarily appropriate for all ages. But kids crack me up sometimes – when the girls are auditioning in front of the children for their roles in the play, one states “You don’t have to be nervous, we’re just kids.” Too true.
  • Notice how awkward conversation gets leading up to a kiss? It always cracks me up. Leading up to the kiss with Jennifer, their conversation went something like this:
    “I’m glad you’re here.” “I’m glad to be here.” “Super-glad.” “Yeah.”
    You can tell people are obviously just anticipating the kiss, and words at the moment are just meaningless filler as they wait for their lips to meet.
  • I’ve never noticed the clocks before (I’m sure they probably take them out of the mansion they use), but when the show is on the road it’s harder to cover up. In this episode, I noticed the clock reading 11:59 at one point when the girls are all talking in the kitchen before a rose ceremony. At 2:04 Ben goes and checks on Jenna, who is crying in bed (still before the rose ceremony). No wonder people get emotional and weird at theses rose ceremonies – they’ve probably been drinking and talking for at least 7 or 8 hours leading up to it.

That’s all for this episode, I can’t wait for next week’s SF dates! It’s always fun to see what spots they deem “romantic” enough for the show.

*All photos from The Bachelor’s official page on ABC
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2 Responses to Distorted reality: Bachelor Recap

  1. Leah says:

    I don’t watch the Bachelor – but your recap makes me want to! I might just read your entries instead of watching the actual show….you share all the important/ good stuff 😉 thanks!

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