I See The Light

I was in awe when I opened the Fall 2011 Restoration Hardware catalog several months ago – was this really the same store I used to get dragged into whenever my parents needed a new wall shelf or knob pull? I had always remembered the merchandise there being pretty modern and nice, but I felt like I was looking at a whole new, amazing world of decadent furniture and accessories with a decidedly vintage vibe.

I was again reminded of my favorite pieces from the catalog when shopping with my mom last weekend (and of course making a stop into Restoration Hardware) – their chandeliers. These aren’t just any chandeliers – they are monstrous in size, sure to be the immediate focal point of any room then inhabit. But beyond that, they perfectly balance the femininity of the faceted crystal interior with a masculine shell of hand-wrought iron. Of course, you will pay a pretty penny for these works of art, but you wouldn’t need much else in the room since everyone will just be staring at the chandelier.

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3 Responses to I See The Light

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    You are so right!!! They have upped the ante on their goods and i have obsessed so much that we bought the bed you have featured here…saving for the sofa (last pic) and and and…..LOve LoVe LOvE their goods…wanta fill my home with it!


  2. Frank P. says:

    I love these designs. Dark walls and furniture with bright lights really add some sparkle. Very beautiful!

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