2012 Golden Globes Fashion: Best & Worst

The 2012 awards season is getting started, which means lots of fashion hits and probably even more misses. I love to see the trickle-down effect – trends in the shows will often dictate the hot colors and embellishments we will see in Spring and Fall. From this show I’m guessing jewel tones (especially deep blues) for Fall?

The Good

Celebrities were still in holiday mode, with lots of bling and embellishments on dresses. These four stood out for their attention to detail and perfect fit.

Nicole Kidman – the studwork on this dress is absolutely amazing, and the fit is perfection. This is a hard color to pull off, but works with her skin tone and hair color.
Evan Rachel Wood – stunning! This eye-catching peacock-inspired dress could overwhelm but she pulls it off beautifully, with a plunging neckline that still manages to look tasteful.
Salma Hayek – this art-deco meets egyptian dress makes her look very tiny (always a good thing) and the mixture of the fabrics works for me. I could have done without her two-toned hair (there’s already enough going on in the dress and accessories), but otherwise a great look.
Sofia Vergara – she always looks great, but this unique tone of blue really suits her. The dress is fitted exactly to her body, and the Harry Winston cuffs on her arm are also a standout for best jewelry.

The Bad

Where there’s good, there’s always bad. With professional stylists at their beck and call, it always amazes me how celebrities can get it so wrong (then again, what would be the fun in everyone looking perfect?). I was originally only going to pick four worst dressed, but just couldn’t narrow it down.

Michelle Williams – too covered, too heavy. She is young still and needs to dress like it!
Freida Pinto – the color is nice but the dress is too voluminous for her body. A more fitted style with a sweetheart neckline would much better suit her.
Piper Perabo – first of all, don’t do this pose on the red carpet. Second, the placement of the gathered waist is off (too gathered, too high). The top portion is doing nothing for her chest, and the sleeveless shape of the top makes her arms look too masculine. Worst dressed nominee.
Natalie Portman – the dress looks overworked. The draping looks like a designer on Project Runway was trying to “make it work” at the last second and it was not working. The growth of fabric on the side of her body does not help either.
Lea Michelle – trying too hard. The dress actually looks great on her, but doesn’t fit her persona. And no one will ever do this type of top better than Halle.
Debra Messing – boring and expected. She should have done a slinky royal blue or purple dress – the purple would still have gone perfectly with her earrings and ring, which actually were fabulous.
Zooey Deschanel – bad hair day, too much going on. An edgy updo could have helped this look a bit (and would better show the neckline), but the green beading with the placement of the black beading is just strange. Maybe a silver or gold bead as opposed to the green (and more of an ombre).

The Details

These beauties got it right – from daring necklines on Angelina Jolie and Claire Danes to gorgeous hair and makeup on Nicole Richie and Charlize Theron. Well, Angelina had perfect hair and makeup as well, but she’s pretty much always perfection, I had to narrow it down.

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4 Responses to 2012 Golden Globes Fashion: Best & Worst

  1. julie1872 says:

    right on! Love the Angelina observations.

  2. Cinda Ehinger says:

    Once again, Veronica, you nailed it!
    But promise me – no critique of our comfy Fl. style. Ahem….

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