The Bachelor in SF

So I hadn’t planed on writing about The Bachelor again so soon after my last review (here), but when I found out the dates were taking place in SF this week I felt it my duty to cover this episode about my beloved hometown. It’s fun to see them at places I have been to and some that I’ve been meaning to go to. Here are some of the SF hot spots they hit up:

  • The Fairmont – where the girls stayed during this episode
  • The Grove (in the Marina) – Ben and his sister met up here to talk (love the indoor fireplace there that’s perfect to cozy up around and grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine)
  • Bay Bridge – date with Emily climbing the bridge
  • The Tonga Room – Ben and the girls from the group date come here after “skiing”
  • Swensen’s Ice Cream – Ben takes Lindzi here on their trolley date (great ice cream BTW)
  • City Hall – Ben and Lindzi dance here to the music of Matt Nathanson
  • Bourbon and Branch – another stop on Ben and Lindzi’s date (SF speakeasy that requires a password to get in) – their password was “horse, of course” (makes sense for Lindzi who rode in on a horse in the first episode). The last time I went there my password was “goat” – maybe a barnyard animal theme for passwords there?

Overall I was pleased with their stops in SF (at least they weren’t at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf with all of the other tourists). They managed to take in some great SF institutions like Bourbon and Branch, Swensen’s, and The Tonga Room. One date suggestion – it would have been great if they could have climbed the Golden Gate Bridge instead, or hiked the Land’s End trail and had a nice dinner on the view platform at the end of the trail during sunset. Some other thoughts on the episode:

  • I am pretty sure that the producers ask all of the girls what their greatest fear is, and then try to plan dates for them to “conquer” those fears. Case in point – Ben taking Emily on the Bay Bridge date. This creates another emotional bonding moment (and of course, some tension for the show – will she make it?!).
  • I’m wondering when the group date in SF took place, because rarely is it warm enough to wear shorts/dresses here (let alone swimsuits). I’m guessing one of the freak warm days we had in September or October (they said it was 85 degrees at one point!)? And how did I miss a closed street with people skiing down it in swimsuits? I tried to decipher where it was but couldn’t figure it out – does anyone know?
  • Why did Brittney leave before her date? I’m guessing she might have known her time was up and wanted to take herself out of the game rather than facing an embarrassing cut from her one-on-one date and leaving rose-less.
  • I can only imagine that the Neil Lane “Key to SF” Brittney was given was meant to open the doors to City Hall (which after she left then became Lindzi’s date). Since it wasn’t used, and Ben un-ceremoniously unlocked the door with a normal key, I wonder if it will reappear later in the show? Weird that it wasn’t explained what happened to it after Brittney left, since I bet it’s an expensive, custom piece made for the show.
  • Spoiler alert! (don’t read if you haven’t seen this episode) – OMG Shawntel is back! My friends and I were hoping it was Jennifer Love Hewitt since she and Ben were rumored to have been on a date back in August, but Shawntel was a good surprise. Too bad it turned out to be a let-down – producers should have made him keep her on for another week just to rile up the girls a bit. I’m wondering how they had met in the past – maybe he really didn’t like her or they had an awkward encounter. Either way, I’m glad he got rid of those other two girls (Erika and Jaclyn).
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  1. Cinda Ehinger says:

    Right on, V.!
    My thoughts exactly!

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