Styling Kit Essentials

I spent the whole day yesterday running from appointment to appointment pulling fabulous clothes and accessories – prepping for a big fashion shoot I’ll be at today. I also spent some time looking over my styling kit also to make sure I’d have everything I could possibly need, which made me think it would make a great post for aspiring stylists or for those that just like to be prepared (I use many of the things myself on a regular basis).

{Kit Essentials}

  • Double-stick tape and Hollywood Fashion Tape – Double-stick works great for lighter jobs like holding straps in place, hemming pants, and sticking a collar down. HFT is a stronger tape that can keep a low neckline in place, hold a strapless dress up, close a gap in a button-down shirt, and help keep pockets closed.
  • Binder clips (in a variety of sizes) – These will almost always be necessary to pull a loose shirt or loose pants tighter on a model.
  • Silicone CoverUps – Great for use with sheer tops and swimsuits, as well as any lightweight fabrics that you might need a little more “coverage” under.
  • Lint roller – Pick up stray lint right before the shot.
  • Shout wipes – You never know when an emergency will call for getting lipstick or food off of clothes (but hopefully it never happens!).
  • Blue painter’s tape – The norm for taping the bottom of shoes so they don’t get scuffed during shooting (this tape is easier to remove than most).
  • Sewing kit with safety pins – Just in case a seam needs to be sewn last-minute, and pins can be used for jobs the binder clips are too large and bulky for.
  • Hanging jewelry roll – Easy for organizing jewelry and keeping it all in one place (also good if you need to stay on the move during the shoot).
  • Seam ripper (not pictured) – Can be used in a pinch to cut off tags and loose threads. And less likely, can be used to rip open seams that might have been sewn into sample garments by previous stylists.
  • Steamer (not pictured) – Used throughout the shoot to keep all of the garments wrinkle-free. Perfect for use on embellished fabrics that you wouldn’t want to iron.

*Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes clothing and accessory shots from today’s shoot!

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2 Responses to Styling Kit Essentials

  1. Juli says:

    Anxious to see tomorrow’s behind-the-scenes photos!

  2. julie1872 says:

    looking forward to the behind the scenes shots!

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