Leather and Lace

Since I’ve been immersed in fashion for the past couple of weeks (pulling for a shoot), I was trying to remember if I had seen anything particularly “lustworthy” for a post. And I realized that the one thing everyone had been obsessing over was a pair of wedges that were refreshingly NOT “lustworthy” – meaning, totally affordable! Sitting there amongst the Manolos, Valentinos, and Chanels, sat the gorgeous lace wedges taunting everyone, compelling them to ask “who makes that shoe?!” And I excitedly replied, “Seychelles, and they’re only $100!”

It’s the perfect shoe to go with the feminine pastel and lace looks coming out for Spring, and for only $100, won’t break the bank. Shop them here, and stay tuned to see the look I paired them with when the shoot comes out in March!

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2 Responses to Leather and Lace

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    Me Likey Likey! Thanks for the referral!

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