A “Cheeky” Behind

I was browsing through the local Malia Mills store not too long ago (they provided the adorable swim caps for my last shoot here) when I came across a swim bottom set up in a display case. As you can imagine, it was no ordinary bottom, but a swarovski crystal adorned suit custom-made for the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, I’m not sure that she actually ordered it, but what a cute way to showcase their custom suits!

You can choose from the different bottom styles they offer and then add an embellishment of your choice – your name, a motto, your favorite team etc. (I love it for a wedding shower gift that the bride can wear on her honeymoon). I’ve seen these before, but they’re usually made from cheap materials, so it’s great to see Malia Mills is elevating it with quality fabric and swarovski crystals.

Who knows, but you just might see Kate frolicking on a beach soon, proudly announcing her new name…from behind.

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3 Responses to A “Cheeky” Behind

  1. Too cute! and funny 🙂

  2. Alex French says:

    and that’s quite a lot of name. very cute.

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