OMG, Lisa Frank!

For some people, a scent or a song can take them back to a moment in time. But sometimes all it takes is a name…

During my childhood, I guarded my Lisa Frank treasures like they were gold. Only my very best of friends would receive a note on that signature rainbow-emblazoned stationary – written in perfect penmanship with the provided square pen, and sealed with a carefully selected shimmering purple kitten sticker. I can only imagine that this is where my love for flamboyant prints and colors stems from…either that, or living in Florida.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my email yesterday morning and saw the heading “OMG Vintage Lisa Frank” from sender Urban Outfitters. Could it be true?! One click later revealed that yes, UO is in fact carrying a very limited edition collection of vintage Lisa Frank items. I scrolled through website, memories flooding back and realizing that at one point or another I had owned almost all of these items. Then came the tiniest desire to own them again…I’m not sure if I will end up buying something, but if you have the urge to relive your childhood, all of the items can be found here.

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