A More Subtle ‘Stache

They seem to be everywhere these days…mustaches that is. At first it was a slow trickle of novelty items into stores like Urban Outfitters, but now it seems like any store you walk into will have something mustache-related – mugs, tshirts, necklaces, hats, tote bags…the options are endless. Even some weddings are now featuring the whimsical theme!

I find them hilarious and am always tempted to buy one of these items, but nowadays when shopping my first thought is “can I wear this to work?” which would usually end up in answering myself “eh, probably not the most professional-looking item you could be buying right now.” However, last Friday I had a little brunch/shopping day with my bff, and just couldn’t pass up this little gem – actually, both of us ended up buying one, like a bizarre little friendship bracelet. It’s perfect “grown-up” mustache jewelry (if there is such a thing) – a subtle gold ‘stache outline connected to a thin gold band. And for only $6, I was sold (purchased here). In fact, I bet most people wouldn’t even notice that I’m wearing a ‘stache bracelet unless they looked closely. But I would know, with a twinge of a smile at my lips, my little secret, knowing I can proudly (and subtly) rock my ‘stache.

*For a good cause: Rock your ‘stache in Movember and raise awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

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One Response to A More Subtle ‘Stache

  1. Sonja says:

    I love mine! 🙂 Great find!

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