United Scents of America

It seemed only fitting to celebrate America in today’s post, and what better way to show your state pride than through…your scent? Sounds crazy, but after seeing what fragrance notes are listed in each of the 5 debut fragrances in the United Scents of America collection (California, Florida, Texas, New York, and New Jersey) they seem not only accurate but also downright delicious!

Of course, I’m partial to California, and the description of fresh-cut coconut and eucalyptus with a lingering vanilla bean note sounds right up my alley (must be a Cali girl!). I think it perfectly blends the scent memories of Nor Cal (crisp eucalyptus on a cool foggy morning) with So Cal (suntan lotion on a sunny beach day). And I can never pass up a great Cali-inspired item (see more in my Pinterest board “I heart California” here).

I’m curious to see the next 5 releases from this company – Hawaii seems like an obvious choice…and maybe an apple-inspired scent from Washington? What states would you like to see next?

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A More Subtle ‘Stache

They seem to be everywhere these days…mustaches that is. At first it was a slow trickle of novelty items into stores like Urban Outfitters, but now it seems like any store you walk into will have something mustache-related – mugs, tshirts, necklaces, hats, tote bags…the options are endless. Even some weddings are now featuring the whimsical theme!

I find them hilarious and am always tempted to buy one of these items, but nowadays when shopping my first thought is “can I wear this to work?” which would usually end up in answering myself “eh, probably not the most professional-looking item you could be buying right now.” However, last Friday I had a little brunch/shopping day with my bff, and just couldn’t pass up this little gem – actually, both of us ended up buying one, like a bizarre little friendship bracelet. It’s perfect “grown-up” mustache jewelry (if there is such a thing) – a subtle gold ‘stache outline connected to a thin gold band. And for only $6, I was sold (purchased here). In fact, I bet most people wouldn’t even notice that I’m wearing a ‘stache bracelet unless they looked closely. But I would know, with a twinge of a smile at my lips, my little secret, knowing I can proudly (and subtly) rock my ‘stache.

*For a good cause: Rock your ‘stache in Movember and raise awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

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OMG, Lisa Frank!

For some people, a scent or a song can take them back to a moment in time. But sometimes all it takes is a name…

During my childhood, I guarded my Lisa Frank treasures like they were gold. Only my very best of friends would receive a note on that signature rainbow-emblazoned stationary – written in perfect penmanship with the provided square pen, and sealed with a carefully selected shimmering purple kitten sticker. I can only imagine that this is where my love for flamboyant prints and colors stems from…either that, or living in Florida.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my email yesterday morning and saw the heading “OMG Vintage Lisa Frank” from sender Urban Outfitters. Could it be true?! One click later revealed that yes, UO is in fact carrying a very limited edition collection of vintage Lisa Frank items. I scrolled through website, memories flooding back and realizing that at one point or another I had owned almost all of these items. Then came the tiniest desire to own them again…I’m not sure if I will end up buying something, but if you have the urge to relive your childhood, all of the items can be found here.

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New styling work: Glam fall fashion!

What better way to enter back into the blogging world than with some brand-spankin’-new styling work?! I had the pleasure of again styling the big fall fashion cover and feature for the September issue of Marin magazine.

We had the “dream team” for this shoot – the always amazing photography duo of Trinette Reed and Chris Gramly, Mauricio Lemus providing sleek hair and dramatic makeup on the lovely Lauren from Stars Model Management, and my friend and stylist Leah-Marie of Curbside Couture helping me pull fabulous clothes and accessories.

Weeks of looking through designer runway shows and look books revealed lots of texture for fall – from sequins and mesh to painted leather – and my goal was to mix and match them all to create a luxe and glam editorial. We came up with the idea of toning the photos slightly golden to create more of a fall atmosphere for a shoot that had to take place in middle of summer. The resulting editorial is below, enjoy!

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I’m back!

Hello to all my faithful fashionista followers – it’s true, I’m back and ready to blog! I took a brief hiatus from blogging to focus my full attention on planning my 100% DIY wedding (which I’ll share some project ideas from as pics come back). But for now, stay tuned for new styling work, new DIY projects, and plenty of fashion advice!

xoxo Veronica

P.S. As with any bride, I’ve now developed an obsession with Pinterest and am on there constantly. Follow me for more inspirations:

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Jean Paul Gaultier in SF

Admiration, amazement, and inspiration are the three words that would best describe my feelings after the press preview of Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit “From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” at the de Young museum last Thursday. It was such a treat to hear him describe the exhibit himself and how his early years helped him become the designer he is today.

Some interesting personal stories from Mr. Gaultier:
– As a little boy he didn’t have any dolls, so his first subject that he designed for was a little stuffed bear “Nana” which is shown at the right wearing his first “prototype” of the cone bra Madonna would later wear (bits of paper formed into cones).
– He mentioned always having a cat, and one day looking at the can of cat food (or “meat for the cat” as he called it) and thinking how beautiful it was – that if he dipped it in silver it could become a really cool bracelet (shown below – “Tin Can” jewelry). This later became the idea behind his perfume packaging (a can for beans that is dipped in silver as he describes it).

Below is video footage taken during his talk at the press preview, where he describes how he came up with the idea for the “living” mannequins, why he likes models with personality, and his views on women and femininity.

And here is Mr. Gaultier after the talk (being mobbed by the press) and my friend and I (I’m on the right) posing with Mr. Gaultier’s original male model muse who was also in attendance.

Jean Paul Gaultier left a love note to SF on the wall

Some additional photos from the exhibit – I don’t want to spoil it all though, definitely go see it for yourself, it’s worth it!

And lastly, here’s a quick glimpse of the “talking” mannequins that you’ll see in the exhibit – this one is Jean Paul Gaultier himself! The uses video projection technology allows for the mannequins to come alive and speak, sing, blink, and even blow a kiss or two at you 😉

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A “Cheeky” Behind

I was browsing through the local Malia Mills store not too long ago (they provided the adorable swim caps for my last shoot here) when I came across a swim bottom set up in a display case. As you can imagine, it was no ordinary bottom, but a swarovski crystal adorned suit custom-made for the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, I’m not sure that she actually ordered it, but what a cute way to showcase their custom suits!

You can choose from the different bottom styles they offer and then add an embellishment of your choice – your name, a motto, your favorite team etc. (I love it for a wedding shower gift that the bride can wear on her honeymoon). I’ve seen these before, but they’re usually made from cheap materials, so it’s great to see Malia Mills is elevating it with quality fabric and swarovski crystals.

Who knows, but you just might see Kate frolicking on a beach soon, proudly announcing her new name…from behind.

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